Winter on Intaka Island

Even though winter is here, there are many beautiful birds to see on Intaka Island. Winter is the time our seasonal Salt Pans start filling up. We have had the privilege of so much rain this winter, which is wonderful for mother nature!

What happens to birds during the Winter season?

Birds, just like any animal species have many ways to adapt to the colder seasons. Migration is one obvious way that birds adapt to the colder months. However, not all birds migrate.

Birds can adapt to the colder season in many ways. The beautiful feathers we see are not just for show. During winter birds grow extra down feathers for extra warmth to help them to maintain their body temperature.

Ever wonder how birds stay dry during winter?

Birds have special oil producing glands that coat their down feathers, we call this preening. Preening waterproofs and insulates the down feathers. Even fluffing their feathers helps keep them warm. When birds fluff their feathers, they create special air pockets which insulate their bodies.

Lastly, birds adapt their feeding strategies during winter. From storing food to feeding on higher energy food sources. Any additional energy boost allows birds to generate more body heat to keep warm.

Come through to Intaka Island for a guided tour and we’ll tell you much more about the wonderful biodiverse system we have here.

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Here are a few of our special sightings:

Glossy Ibis captured by Derril Papendorf, The Flamingo captured by Tommy Weideman, African Spoonbill captured by Colin Thomas Brown all these amazing images were posted on the Facebook page, Intaka Island Gem of the Western Cape.


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