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We usually go ahead with the programme, we just advise everybody dresses warmly and accordingly. 

Intaka Island is a proclaimed nature reserve. It is also a protected area according to the National Biodiversity act, the nature conservation ordinance and municipal bylaws, so because of that every biodiversity inside the nature reserve is protected, from plants to animals, it cannot be harmed or destroyed in any way.
Dogs are one of our beloved animals and have lived as pets with humans for thousands of years.

However, According to National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act of 2003, Intaka Island Nature Reserve is a protected area of importance for fauna and flora.

Dogs have the following potential negative effects on a nature reserve:

  • Could harm biodiversity because its feces and urine bring in excess nitrogen and phosphorus to the ecosystem.
  • Indirect and direct mortality as dogs transmit diseases to and from the wildlife.
  • Human disease and water quality impacts because dogs pollute water and transmit harmful parasites and diseases to people
  • Possible cause disturbance and stress response to animals
  • Physical and temporal displacement as the presence of dogs causes wildlife to move away, temporarily or permanently

At Intaka Island we prefer to send out a positive message so you might not see a sign saying, “No dogs allowed”.

However, Century City precinct including our beautiful parks makes us a pet’s friend. There are areas like Central Park and Ratanga Park where dogs are allowed. (See the Century City website for more information)

Educational programs usually run for 3 hours thus the program runs from 9:30am until 12:30pm. However we are flexible and you can also give us your time constraints and we will try and work around it.

Yes there will be a 20 minute break included in the program.
Intaka Island does not have a coffee shop. Brick Lane restaurant is just a 5 minute walk away.
Cancellations can be made within 14 days of your visit to Intaka Island. If there is a cancellation after 14 days you are required to pay a 50% deposit with your next booking to Intaka Island.
Learners are only required to bring a packed lunch and we supply the rest.