Winter maintenance at Intaka Island

In the cold and wet seasons of Cape Town, we take the time to ensure that Intaka Island stays in top shape.  Our Nature Conservation Officer, Banothile Khuboni, shared what our team is busy with at the moment.

Intaka Island cell 3 is one of the deepest cells out of the four cells and we are often plagued by invasive Red Water Fern and Water Hornwart.  Red Water Fern reduces light penetration and causes de-oxygenation, thus affecting life below the water surface.

Water Hornwart form dense weed beds that outcompete our native Blanket weed and Fennel pondweed. Furthermore, it negatively affects the habitat for fish.

To control these invasive aquatic weeds, the conservation and canal maintenance team scoop these plants out, leaving more open water bodies for our indigenous aquatic plants to thrive and thus improve the habitat for freshwater biota.


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