We're Smart With Rainwater

Cape Town’s rainy season is here, and even though the grey, wet days could be challenging, we know that rain is good for the rejuvenation and cleaning of the earth.  Natural rainwater is much healthier for our plants than artificial irrigation because it contains no chemicals or pollutants. It not just promotes our healthy green urban spaces, but also aids in healthy blue spaces.

Did you know that Century City has a smart way of dealing with rainwater?  Our canals form part of the stormwater drainage system. This system, which runs beneath our city, is designed to collect rainwater that overflows onto the roads and other hard surfaces due to impenetrable pavements into strategically placed drains and culverts. All secondary stormwater pipes feed into the main stormwater pipeline of the City which directs stormwater under Ysterplaat and discharges into the ocean. The Stormwater detention pond situated on Skywater Avenue functions as a stormwater attenuation facility to temporarily store the excess overflow from the main line of stormwater until it can be slowly and gradually be released back into the stormwater system or natural underground water table. Its effect then aids to prevent flooding of the precinct. Rainwater replenishes and refills our canals, resulting in improved water quality and circulation, as well as higher water levels for our water sports, such as canoeing, dragon boating and kayaking.


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