Spotted: Angulate Tortoise

Today we spotted the beautiful Angulate Tortoise on the Salt Pans amongst the Spring Flora on Intaka Island.

Interesting facts on the Angulate Tortoise:

The genus name Chersina is derived from the Greek word “chersinos” meaning land tortoise. The angulate tortoise is the only species in the genus Chersina, and it is endemic to southern Africa. Locals refer to it as “Rooipens skilpad,” meaning “red-belly tortoise”. Chersina angulata is found throughout South Africa to Namibia and also occurs on several islands including Dassen Island, where its density is considered to be the highest. It inhabits semi-arid coastal expanses with a Mediterranean climate. The tortoises are medium-sized in nature and portray sexual dimorphism, i.e. the males are larger than the females and vice versa in other cases.

Males fight for dominance with each other during the breeding period for the right to mate with females, hence, creating a dominant hierarchy in the small community they form during the mating season. Mating season lasts from September to April.


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