Keep An Eye Out For Our Slithering Friends This Summer

With temperatures heating up recently, it is not unusual to encounter more of our wildlife, especially reptiles such as snakes and tortoises that are cold blooded and are more active when temperatures rise. 

Snakes are a key link in the food chain and are vital predators who restore balance in nature by preying on small mammals such as rats, and other vermin. They are also prey to birds and medium to larger mammals. Snakes help maintain a healthy ecosystem and environment! Therefore, should you encounter a snake in its natural habitat such as a veld or natural area, ensure to leave and not disturb it.

What should you do when encountering a snake? Here are a few scenarios:

  • If you discover a snake, do not approach it closely.
  • If you step on a snake or find yourself very close to a snake, then move away quickly.
  • If the snake is only about a meter away, freeze at first and see the snake’s reaction – it will likely look for an escape route.
  • If it is cornered, back away slowly.

Kindly report any sightings that may pose a threat in business premises or residences to our SOC on 021  202 1000.

We urge you to please not injure, kill or try to capture any snake on your own. The CCPOA has professional qualified snake catchers and rangers that can do the job safely and in an environmentally sensitive manner!

During this summer we have safely relocated a number of Molesnakes (Pseudaspis cana) across Century City and a Boomslang (Dispholidus typus) in the Ratanga precinct! Our rangers on Intaka have also spotted a few Rhombic Skaapstekers (Psammophylax rhombeatus), which are harmless.


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