Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorship

The Intaka Island Environmental Trust is the non-profit organization established as the fund raising vehicle for the construction of the Eco-Centre and its exhibits as well as its ongoing operational costs, largely associated with its environmental education programs for school groups. We are always exploring ways to grow our existing educational exhibits and to promote them as part of the Century City Smart City Environmental Sustainability Program. This has been made financially possible by creating partnerships with and receiving sponsorships and/or donations from corporate and private organizations and individuals.

Annexure A details the current projects for which sponsorships and donations are being sought.

The Intaka Island Environmental Trust has been approved by SARS as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and can therefore issue Section 18A Certificates to donors and sponsors.

For more information on Intaka Island Eco-Centre and the Trust please visit

Should you have any queries or wish to become part of this amazing journey of Intaka, as an Intaka Donor or Sponsor, please contact Chris Blackshaw at or on (021) 552-6889.