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When the development of Century City began in 1996, the 250 hectare area was largely covered by invasive alien vegetation (mainly Port Jackson acacias) and a number of degraded wetlands. A large number of water birds used one of these wetlands and the surrounding flooded vegetation as a breeding site. 

 In the environmental impact assessment (EIA) which preceded development, it was recommended that a multi-purpose nature reserve be created in the centre of Century City. The Century City property developer, Rabie Property Group, decided to do this, both as a contribution to conser­vation and to create an attractive and func­tional wetland for the Century City environment. Intaka Island is the result and it represents a uniquely successful union of conservation and property development.

Intaka Island received Voluntary Conservation Status from Cape Nature in October 2006 and the construction of an Environmental Education Centre was completed in 2010. Intaka Island and Eco-Centre now plays host to a range of visitors ranging from pensioners and school groups to corporate training functions and birthday parties.

About us


Intaka Island, an award-winning 16 hectare wetlands and bird sanctuary, is home to 177 species of indigenous fynbos plants and 120 bird species. Intaka – which means ‘bird’ in Xhosa – is a unique example of nature conservation and urban development co-existing in harmony. Apart from its environmental significance, the area offers a place of solace to take a stroll, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

  • Conserve a rare and threatened vegetation type
  • Conserve a rare type of wetland habitat
  • Provide a habitat for birds, especially breeding water birds
  • Clean the water in the network of canals at Century City
  • Provide Century City with a beautiful and healthy ‘green lung’
  • Provide a recreational and educational amenity


This multi-functional Environmental Education Centre accommodating groups of up to 75 at any one time, includes an assembly area, educational activity centre, reception, catering and ablution facilities.

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1. Bamboo Blinds
2. Thatched Roof
3. FSC Timber Furniture
4. LED Lighting
5. Roof Garden
6. Solar Geyser 
7. Liliput Black Water System
8. Rain Water Harvesting
9. Rhapsody Grey Water System
10. Biogas Digester
11. Recycling Station
12. Permeable Paving
13. Earth Worm Farm 
14. Composter
15. Polywood Seating
16. Wind Turbine
17. Aquaponics
18. Poystyrene Blocks
19. Photovoltaic (PV) Panels


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